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Retractable Dutch Blinds from Supa-Shade Blinds & Awnings Ltd are a stylish choice for the home, bringing the practical advantage of protecting your interior furnishings from damaging sunrays. Our Dutch Blinds are retracted by a cord, so that they can fold neatly back against the wall when they are not in use. For ease of winter storage, Dutch Blinds can simply be lifted out of their mounting brackets.



Patio Awnings

Dutch Blinds for your home

Elegant Patio Awnings offer shade from the sun and shelter from summer showers. With patio awnings, your home will also enjoy:

  • Protection of interior furnishings from sun damage

  • Improved coolness of adjoining rooms in the summer months

  • Additional living space and luxury

  • Enhanced privacy levels

  • Ease of operation, through either gearbox operation or electric remote control.

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